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ABC Crane 100 with separable king post

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ABC Crane 100 mit teilbarem Turmrohr
ABC Crane 100 mit teilbarem Turmrohr
ABC Crane 100 mit teilbarem Turmrohr
ABC Crane 100 mit teilbarem Turmrohr
ABC Crane 100 mit teilbarem Turmrohr
ABC Crane 100 mit teilbarem Turmrohr
€8,309.18 €8,151.50 €6,850.00

ABC Crane 100

Usually dispatched in 5-10 days.
€20,051.50 €19,980.10 €16,790.00

ABC Crane 100 incl. Pele Remote Head XL35

Usually dispatched in 5-10 days.

ABC Crane 100

A crane, lighter than the camera it lifts! With this inspired concept, ABC Products has made history. It is now possible to lift the camera into the “Third Dimension” in any place on earth. No matter whether in the Himalayas, the Sahara Desert or the North Pole – you can carry the light crane with you as hand luggage.

With the introduction of light cranes a new dimension to film-making was added. But there were also limits in
this new world: additional load and crane length were limited by the physical characteristics of the round
crane section. Professional cameramen want to be able to move the camera on a remote-head without any vibration interfering with the shots and without any change in the horizon due to excessive torque.
ABC-Products completely reengineered the Crane 100 with a new square section and came up with a much stronger and reliable product. With the new ABC Crane 100 the approved style of the "big brother" Crane 120 was adopted. The rigidity of the crane tube was increased by the square section without any increase in weight. Thanks to this technical innovation ABC-Products was able to double the additional load on the crane allowing a good margin to mount a remote head (optionally available) and most types of camera. The kingpost can be shortened allowing for more clearance , especially useful when working in a studio.

The system allows a flexible adjustment of the camera tilt as well as setting of a fixed angle. In principle, you
can choose the following: camera keeps the horizon , camera keeps a fixed angle to the ground, camera tilts automatically fixing a point at a distance. A lever at the height of the tripod head allows a quick and simple selection of the operating mode.

- Separable king post for more space allowance indoors!
- Light construction with square profiles 9 x 9 cm (3.54 inch), provides extreme rigidity! Additionally, crane segments are bolted together for optimum resistance to torsion!
- Circular openings in the segments provide for weight reduction
- High weight addition of 20 kg (44.09 lb) in version 8
- Short assembly times! (complete assembly in approx. 20 minutes!)
- 3 different assembly lengths incl. strengthened rig sets (small/medium/large

Delivery contents:
- 1 Crane segment
- 1 End segment
- 2 Extension segments
- 1 Main segment with outrigger (folding) and Tower tube in two parts
- 1 Weight Tube / Circlips
- 1 Crane support
- 1 Clamp (brake) with clamping lever
- 1 Manual lever (control cable crane head angle)
- 2 Levels (integrated)
- 1 Star screw M12 for Crane support
- 1 Crane head with Euro mount for Remote Head
- 1 Rig Set 3 Control cables for crane angle adjustment
- 1 Rig Set 3 Outrigger ropes
- 1 Rig Set 3 Tower ropes
- 1 Screw set (M6 segment screws 15 pcs. + 3 spare screws)
- 1 User manual


79.36 lb /36 kg
Dimension when packed
69.68 × 14.57 × 11.42 in / 177 × 37 × 29 cm
Max. payload
44.09 lb / 20 kg
231.49 lb / 105 kg
Weights split
6 × 35.27 lb, 17.64 lb ; 8.82 lb / 6 × 16 kg ; 8 kg ; 4 kg

Large version „L“:


Front crane arm
6,39 m (20.96 ft)
Back crane arm
1,66 m (5.45 ft)
Total length
8,05 m (26.41 ft)

Medium version „M“:


Front crane arm
4,91 m (16.11 ft)
Back crane arm
1,66 m (5.45 ft)
Total length
6,46 m (21.19 ft)

Short version „S“:


Front crane arm
3,36 m (11.02 ft)
Back crane arm
1,66 m (5.45 ft)
Total length
4,91 m (16.10 ft)

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