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Anton Bauer Titon Micro 90 V-Mount Power Kit

SKU: 1000009003-2

2x 14V Battery / XLR power output / LED Charge Indicator / Charge concurrently

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Anton Bauer Titon Micro 90 V-Mount Power Kit - with 1x VM2 Dual Charger (1000009004) and 2x Titon Micro 90 Batteries (1000009003)

Anton Bauer VM2 Dual Charger V-Mount (8475-0143)

Intelligent charging with power to spare. Charge two V-Mount batteries simultaneously while powering your camera accessories with the lightweight and portable Anton/Bauer VM2 battery charger. Lithium-ion batteries, like the Anton/Bauer GO 90 (98Wh 10A) charge in approximately 3 hours. The XLR4 output converts AC to DC power when charging or can be used to deliver battery power to devices that only have an XLR input.

  • Charge two V-Mount batteries simultaneously
  • 100-240 VAC input
  • XLR 16.7VDC/4.5A power output
  • Use charger and XLR output at the same time
  • Portable design with carry handle
  • Integrated support stand
  • LEDs show battery charging status

Lightweight, compact dual battery charger -The portable, packable charging solution
A power-up wherever you need it. With two V-Mount battery mounts and an XLR4 DC output the Anton/Bauer VM2 charger is the ideal solution for roaming imagemakers. Simply connect to AC power and pop the integrated support stand to create a quick-to-set-up plug and play charging station for V-mount batteries, and a 16,7VDC 4A convertor for XLR power input devices. The slim profile is designed to stack and pack, perfect for transportation when space matters.

Advanced safety monitoring - Protection your batteries and devices
Stays cool in the heat of the action. VM2 chargers are designed to protect your batteries and any powered devices from damage. Intelligent safety technology in the VM2 constantly monitors all devices and will automatically stop charging if a fault is detected or any attached battery reaches an overvoltage condition. A built-in fan ensures that the charger can be relied on for peak performance when things start heating up on set.


Charging specification
AC power supply
LCD display
XLR connector
LED indicators
Touch screen
Charging positions
Built in discharge
Power supply
1 kg
235 mm
57 mm
140 mm
Charging capability
2 Position Simultaneous Charging


Anton Bauer Titon Micro 90 V-Mount (8675-0167)

When size and weight is critical, but power is paramount Titon Micro delivers the extended power you need to run cine cameras and mirrorless systems for hours in the smallest ever 14.4V battery from Anton/Bauer. With the Dual Micro Plate runtimes can double and allow hot-swapping to provide continuous power – perfect to capture a full day of action and adventure off the grid.

  • 94 Wh 10 A continuous draw
  • P-Tap combined output and charging port
  • High-speed USB port
  • One touch LED fuel gauge shows battery status

Ultra-compact, lightweight battery
Run cameras, monitors, lights and more
Power the widest range of production gear with one versatile Micro battery. Available in Gold-Mount or V-Mount options, the compact micro shape takes up les room in your case and perfectly complements cameras such as the Canon C100 or Sony Alpha mirrorless range. The P-Tap port and a USB port provide power for camera accessories including monitors, LED light panels, transmitters, follow-focus or a welcome boost for your phone or tablet at the end of a long day.

Intelligent 5-step LED fuel gauge
Battery status confirmed at the touch of a button.
Plan shooting down to the minute with no sudden shutdowns. Titon Micro displays battery status with a simple button tap on the built-in intelligent 5-step LED fuel gauge and compatible cameras can show the remaining runtime in minutes in the viewfinder leaving camera operators free to focus on the action in front of the camera.

Dual battery micro plate
Double your runtime in half the size.
Continuous hot swap shooting. Create up to 300Wh of power in the same space as one regular-sized 14V battery with the optional dual battery micro plate. Two powerful Titon Micro batteries can be mounted together and hot swapped to provide continuous shooting all day with no need to power down to change a battery.


14.4 V
94 Wh
Max current
10 Amps
Power tap
570 g
101 mm
75 mm
52 mm
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