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Atomos AtomX Cast for Ninja V / V+ (ATOMXCST01)

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works with NinjaV/V+ / Multi-Input Switcher / 4 HDMI Inputs / Picture in Picture

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Atomos AtomX Cast for Ninja V / V+ (ATOMXCST01)

AtomX CAST is a modular companion for the Atomos Ninja V or Ninja V+ monitor-recorder that uses the AtomX expansion port on the Ninja V/V+ to transform it into an advanced multi-input switcher. The combination of the Ninja V and AtomX CAST becomes te Ninja CAST, a fully functional stand-alone switcher, muliview-monitor and broadcast quality recorder that does not require a computer to function. With a high quality 5" HDR touchscreen monitor, 4x HDMI inputs and physical buttons, the Ninja CAST is the ultimate portable live switching and streaming solution.

  • WebCAST - Plug and Play UVC connection to your favorite software like Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, OBS and more
  • BroadCAST - quality switching and recording in ProRes, DNx and option for h.265
  • MultiCAST - Simultaneous recording, streaming and output to local displays. Separate HDMI outputs - one for special program output and a multifunctional output for multiview, preview or program
  • Overlay custom graphics and logos in the lower third and use the picture-in-picture effect for any combination of inputs
  • User-friendly design that combines both the touchscreen of the Ninja V and the physical buttons of the dock for ease of use and use in one compact solution
  • Expand and transform the Ninja V / V + into a 4x HDMI switcher
  • Touchscreen and physical buttons with LED status indicators
  • Audio input and switching options with support for embedded, analog inputs and audio-follow-video

Simple Switching
The flexible control options allow you to use either the touchscreen or the physical buttons to switch between sources when deciding what should be on screen at any one time for broadcast. The illuminated buttons for each input and coloured LED lighting for Program and Preview status allow you to operate the CAST in dimly lit environments.

Connect any full HD video source
Connect mirrorless or DSLR cameras, video cameras, computers, consoles or even pre-recorded content via HDMI. There’s no need to worry about synchronization, as you can mix and match frame rates up to 60p, as well as interlaced and progressive HD sources automatically.

Integrates seamlessly
With the Ninja V/V+ docked in, the AtomX CAST connects via USB-C to your computer and appears as a high-quality webcam. Plug and play allows it to work immediately with all your video applications like Zoom, Teams and Skype without the need to install drivers on the computer first. Add up to 4 camera inputs to bring your presentation or meeting to the next level.

Integrated Monitor
With the Ninja V/V+ docked into the AtomX CAST you can utilize its high quality 5” touchscreen for setup and the monitor-assist tools for exposure, focus and image analysis for optimising your shots. Then switch to multiview to see all four inputs at once, complete with audio level monitoring. Ninja CAST also offers all the same essential features available from your Ninja to allow you to nail exposure and focus on individual inputs.

Enhance your brand, your video and your reach
Sophisticated features like logos, mast head graphics and lower third titles will make your productions look incredible, and the dedicated controls for these functions make them easy to use. Add custom graphics for branding your content, with support for transparency, sponsors’ logos and other on-screen information to your production and configure the layout on the Ninja touchscreen.

One of the benefits of using CAST with a multi-camera setup, is that you can use the Picture-in-Picture function to display two inputs at the same time. Any of the four HDMI inputs can be used for a Picture-in-Picture effect over any other input with controls for size and location of the overlayed image.

Configurable and adaptable
Solo operators can transport the Ninja CAST in a small backpack and then use it discretely with compact mirrorless cameras for productions of any size. For larger setups, the Ninja V/V+ HDMI output can be used as a secondary output that can be set up as a duplicate program out, preview monitoring for the crew or talent, or to connect to a larger multiview display.

Ready for Advanced Workflows
AtomX CAST connected to a Ninja V/V+ is a fully functional stand-alone switcher, but you can also use it with a computer for more advanced video work. In this mode, AtomX CAST and Ninja V/V+ does the heavy lifting, taking the load off your computer and reducing the likelihood of software crashes with dedicated external video processing.
Simply add AtomX CAST as a media source in OBS, X-Split and VMix to make use of the software application’s additional graphics and scene configuration while using the CAST for video input switching.

Recording and Codec options
With professional 10-bit 4:2:2 inputs, you get broadcast quality switching, as well as the ability to record in broadcast quality codecs like Apple ProRes or Avid DNx.

Stand out from the crowd
Using Ninja CAST with a decent camera and almost any suitable lens gives you a professional broadcasting solution with incredible picture quality. You can set a shallow depth of field and create a cinematic look that is dramatically different from the image you get from your average webcam. Pay attention to lighting, camera angles and sound, and you will soon be making professional quality video productions. Even an older HD camcorder can output great looking video through its HDMI port, which means that you probably already have cameras for a multi-camera production.

The AtomX CAST does not have any functionality unless it is connected to Ninja V/V+. Furthermore the AtomX CAST is powered by your Ninja V/V+ included power supply.

 Delivery Content:
  • 1 x AtomX CAST
  • 1x USB-C Cable
  • 1x AtomX SSD mini handle
  • The shown monitor is not included!
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