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Beachtek DXA-MICRO PRO Audio Adapter

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Perfekt für DSLR / Sony Alpha / EOS 5D / Lumix GH Serie

Beachtek DXA-MICRO PRO Audio-Adapter
Beachtek DXA-MICRO PRO Audio-Adapter
Beachtek DXA-MICRO PRO Audio-Adapter
Beachtek DXA-MICRO PRO Audio-Adapter
Beachtek DXA-MICRO PRO Audio-Adapter
Beachtek DXA-MICRO PRO Audio-Adapter
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BeachTek DXA-MICRO PRO Audio Adapter

The BeachTek DXA-MICRO PRO is packed with all the features you need to record high quality audio from virtually any source. Superb operation and ease of use to make capturing pro audio a snap. Since the audio is recorded directly to the camera, it will always in sync with the video, eliminating the need for any post production processing. The DXA-MICRO PRO is the missing link for connecting virtually mic to your camera.

Easily Connect External Microphones
Features a built-in XLR connector with phantom power for connecting any pro mic as well as two 3.5 mm mono and one 3.5 mm stereo mini-jacks with plug-in power for connecting any camera mounted mic such as the popular Rode VideoMics. You can also easily connect a wireless to either the XLR or mini-jack inputs. Connect two audio sources at a time for two channel recording. Each channel can easily be independently adjusted for the optimum recording level – even while recording. The DXA-MICRO PRO gives you the ability to connect whatever microphones work best for your situation.

Ultra Performance
Powerful low-noise preamplifiers with dual gain settings provide a strong, clear signal to the camera. This allows you to dramatically reduce the camera gain which effectively replaces the relatively noisy camera preamplifiers with the much cleaner preamplifiers in the adapter for hiss free audio. This is the key to dramatically increasing the signal-to-noise ratio while still being able to record audio directly to the camera. This eliminates having to use a separate digital audio recorder to capture quality audio.

Feature Packed
XLR and mini-jack inputs provide maximum flexibility for connecting virtually microphones. Built-in Good /Over level indicators make it easy to verify the signal levels at a glance, while the trim controls allow you to adjust the output signal for optimum recording. You can also use audio bracketing to have a backup channel that is recorded at a lower level. The phone jack lets you monitor the audio from the adapter during recording, or camera during playback. You can also loop the output audio from your camera back into the adapter to monitor confidence sound if your camera has a headphone jack.

Easy to Setup and Use
Real switches and volume knobs mean no hunting through multi-layer menus trying to find or change settings. Since the audio is recorded directly to the camera, it will always be in sync with the video which eliminates the need for syncing in post. Nothing could be easier to use or provide better performance.

Mount over or under your camera
Easily mount the adapter under the camera for a secure attachment to the tripod base or mount it over the camera to the hot shoe so it is up and out of the way of the battery drawer. Built-in sturdy mounting shoes on each side for attaching accessories. The super compact size makes it ideal for today’s small cameras.

Maximum Input Levels
LO gain -14dBu; HI gain) -29dBu
Output Level
-26dBu when level indicators change to red
Frequency Response
20Hz to 20kHz (+/- 0.5dB)
Less than 0.03% @ 1kHz, -30dBu input
S/N Ratio
85dB @ 1Khz, -30dBu input
LO +15dB; HI +30dB
Phantom Power
Regulated 48 volt power; Current to 14mA (direct short)
Plug-in Power
3.5 volts on all mini-jack mic inputs
Battery Type
One 9 volt alkaline or lithium battery
Battery Duration
3 hours typical with alkaline battery (no phantom); 8 hours typical with lithium battery (no phantom)
4” × 3” × 1.5” (L × W × H)
(102 mm × 76 mm × 38 mm)
12 oz. (0.3 kg)

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