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Bebob V90RM-Cine V-Mount Power Kit

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Li-Ion / V-Mount

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This bundle includes:
2x Bebob V90RM-Cine V-Mount
1x Bebob VS2-RL

The Bebob V90RM-CINE V-Mount battery has a capacity of 90Wh with 14.8V/6.0 Ah.

The last years have shown that the conventional Li-ion technology to the growing requirements of modern digital cameras are no longer grown. In particular, such as RED One cameras, ARRI Alexa or SONY PDW700 have a very high power consumption. As the battery is concerned, it means not only that it will drain faster, but that it is easily damaged in any discharge. Over time, the battery shows a very rapid loss of capacity and its life is shortened considerably.
Therefore, in the bebob-rouge batteries installed no classic Li-ion cells, but a Unterderivat based on Manganese. The cell pack itself is capable of 100A to supply at a time. Electronically we are limited to 12A.

Rugged Case
The battery survived each fall from a height of up to 2 meters. And it's worth but are corrupted: the modular design allows for a change of housing!

The first batteries that we can equip with new cells
If the cells are outdated, we can build new cells. We must not replace the entire battery, the cost is reduced accordingly.

Twist D-tap connection
Using the entire battery has Bebob series about a Twist D-tap connection to the battery as a stand-alone power source or to be able to attach additional accessories to the camera.

LED power indicator
All batteries have a 5 Stepped-led-voltage display.

Specifications V90RM-Cine V-Mount

2.05 lbs
175 mm
89 mm
46 mm
14,8 V
6,0 Ah
max. load
12,0 A
charging time aprox.
3 hours
2 years

Specifications VS2-RL

Model VS2-RL
Mount V-Mount
Channel 2 simultaneous
Charging Current 16,8V / 2,5A
DC Output 15,0V / 5,0A
DC Port XLR 4 1minus 4plus
AC in 90-264V / 47-63Hz
Operating Temp. Range -10°C +35°C
Weight 1,0Kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 110 x 231 x 141mm
Warranty 2 Years
Batteries bebob, Idx, Sony
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