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Blackmagic SmartView Duo 2 (BM-HDL-SMTVDUO2)

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Live - Postpro / Resolution 800 × 480 / SDI-Input / Ehternet-Control

Blackmagic SmartView Duo 2 (BM-HDL-SMTVDUO2)
Blackmagic SmartView Duo 2 (BM-HDL-SMTVDUO2)
Blackmagic SmartView Duo 2 (BM-HDL-SMTVDUO2)
Blackmagic SmartView Duo 2 (BM-HDL-SMTVDUO2)
Blackmagic SmartView Duo 2 (BM-HDL-SMTVDUO2)
Blackmagic SmartView Duo 2 (BM-HDL-SMTVDUO2)
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Blackmagic SmartView Duo (BM-HDL-SMTVDUO2)
LCD Monitor Bridge with two 8" Monitors 3 RU SDI/HD-SDI/3G SDI monitoring with central software control

Featuring two large independent eight inch LCD screens in a compact rack mount design, SmartView Duo handles SD, HD and 3Gb/s SDI video standards. SmartView Duo is perfect for post production, broadcast and live event monitoring. For easy setup, all screens can be remotely adjusted via ethernet connection. 

SmartView: Overview

Perfect Monitoring
SmartView monitors are ideal for high end broadcast monitoring because they feature high quality filtering and scaling, so you retain fine detail in the image. The fully digital design with high quality SDI inputs ensures precise color that’s easy to manage across multiple displays.

Greater SDI Compatibility - SmartView supports SD, HD and 3G-SDI (2K) formats
SmartView has been designed for broadcast as well as post production and includes support for multiple SDI video standards, including SD, HD and 3G-SDI formats. They support new advanced video standards used in post production including 1080 progressive HD rates and even 2K over 3G-SDI. All video formats can be connected and changed at any time, because SmartView will automatically switch in less than a second to the new format!

Easy Adjustments
SmartView connects via ethernet and all monitors can be adjusted remotely from one location, making it easy to match monitors. The SmartView software utility for Mac OS X and Windows lets you make changes even with a laptop and copy settings from one monitor to another. You can easily add new software updates for new video formats and waveform displays via USB.

SmartView: Design

Compact Rack Design - Super slim form factor with 25mm installation depth
Modern broadcast trucks and studios have less space than ever before and space costs money. SmartView monitors are super thin and are less than an inch thick! This means that when you're building a wall of camera monitors, you only need rack depth of a few inches to minimize space inside broadcast trucks and other tight situations. SmartView also features a lightweight, aluminum design that's perfect when installed into mobile racks and fly away kits because it's not heavy to lift. The slim design is practical, but also provides a stylish look when combined with additional SmartView monitors and equipment.

LCD Screens and RGB Tally
SmartView and SmartScope monitors feature super clear LCD screens with tally so it’s the perfect solution for live broadcasts. Unlike a simple tally light, SmartView includes tally borders displayed in green, red or blue to signify preview, on air, or recording. This means during live production you will always know when you are recording or on-air, or you can see which camera is cued up on your switcher’s preview output. Tally is connected via an industry standard parallel pin connector on the rear panel so you get full compatibility with switchers or automation systems.

Reversible Design - Optimize viewing angle
SmartView monitors are designed to compensate because the LCDs can be easily rotated for the optimum viewing angle. The SmartView monitor will automatically sense the rotation angle of the screen and flip the image to the correct rotation. You can even remove the front panel and rotate it 180 degrees if required!

Blackmagic Design SmartView: Uses

Connecting to Decks and Servers
SmartView is ideal for use with broadcast decks or video servers. With multiple servers all playing back at the same time, SmartView helps you keep track of what's going on and to ensure each server is working correctly.

Connecting to Routers
The best solution for monitoring every device in your facility is to connect a SmartView HD and a SmartScope Duo 4K to one of the outputs of your router, and then switch various sources into the monitors to see any source you choose! SmartView HD will give you full resolution monitoring from all your sources and in any video standard you route in.

Connecting to Live Production Switchers
SmartView monitors are the ideal choice for ATEM production switchers to monitor program, preview or multiview output. SmartScope Duo 4K is a perfect for program monitoring on a live production switchers where one of the screens can be audio scope, and the other set to waveform to monitor video levels. You can see at all times what your video and audio levels are, and be sure downstream program feeds won't have quality problems. If you're working with CCU's and adjusting camera color and balance on live production switchers, then simply loop the camera SDI feed via a SmartScope Duo 4K and you can set to RGB Parade and Vectorscope on each screen, so you can see your color balance and video levels as you adjust each camera!

Connecting to Cameras
SmartView HD and SmartView Duo make fantastic on set monitors and can easily be mounted in fly away kits for a total monitoring solution on set. SmartView monitors are so easy to install because they work with SDI connections and they switch video standards instantly between all SD and HD video formats including both progressive and interlaced modes. This means whatever format you are recording on your camera, you can monitor it!

In The Box
- SmartView Duo
- Power Supply
- SD card with software and manual
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