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Brother AiRScouter WD-370B

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Head Mounted Display / for Camera / Drone / Plug & Play via SDI / Adjustable Focus

Brother AiRScouter WD-370B
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Brother AiRScouter WD-370B
HD Head-Mounted Display with SDI-Interface

• HD-SDI interface
• Internal Li-Ion battery with approx. 3h runtime
• Bright and sharp 720p HD display
• IP54 certified display case
• HD display 720p
• Plug + Play via SDI
• Ergonomic design
• Customizable focus
• Integrated battery with approx. 3.5h runtime

The WD-370B is an innovative viewfinder solution that gives the camera operator the best shot possible. No matter from which perspective to be filmed, with the AiRScouter the picture always remains retrievable. Especially when shooting with a gimbal or steadicam the Viewfinder helps to a completely new camera work. The AiRScouter displays all the necessary information exactly where you need it most - right in the user's field of view. The head-mounted display is characterized by its unique design, the HD display with a 720p resolution and the customizable focus setting.

The device integrates seamlessly with your existing system and requires no drivers or other software. This allows the device to be used for a variety of applications. The AiRScouter is an innovative optical viewfinder that allows you to easily and conveniently take the pictures you want.

What sets the AiRScouter apart from other head-mounted displays?

HD LCD display
The AiRScouter delivers a razor-sharp and high-contrast image with a 720p HD resolution. The focus, which is adjustable in five levels of brightness widescreen, can be adapted to the environment, so that repeated refocusing of the eyes is avoided.

Individually adjustable
With the flexible arm design, you can position and align the display as best for you. Why adapt to your equipment if it can adapt to you as well?

Plug and play
The AiRScouter can be connected to a variety of devices through a simple Plug & Play via HDMI or optional SDI interface, completely platform-independent. Interventions in an existing system no longer need to be done.

• Display unit with headband
• C
ontrol box
flexible arm for the right eye
flexible arm for the left eye
• Back headband
• Cable clip
• Mains adapter
• Li-Ion battery
• Quick start guide
• Safety instructions
• Case
• Control box belt pouch



Control box: 125 x 84 x 29 mm

Display unit: 264 x 183 x 26 mm

Cable length: 2 m


Display unit incl. Cable: approx. 155 g

Control box: 170 g

Power Supply

Power adapter, built-in rechargeable battery, USB micro-B for mobile batteries

Battery life

about 3 h


about 3.0 W

Power adapter

DC 5V 1A+

Protection class

IP54 (display unit)




5 levels

Image rotation


Enlarge image


Zoom out


Monochrome mode





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