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Canon CN7x17 KAS S P1

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4K resolution / For Super35mm / Attractive Bokeh / Zoom grip

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Canon CN7x17 KAS S P1

Hand-held, shoulder-mounted or on a tripod: cinematic images, however you shoot. Perfect for ARRI Alexa, Arri Amira, Sony PMW-F5, PMW-F55, PMW-F3, RED One, Epic, Scarlet, Canon EOS C100, EOS C300, EOS C500, EOS-1D. The CN7x17 KAS S E1/P1 offers stunning 4K optical performance, 7x magnification with a 17mm-120mm focal length. Featuring a servo drive unit, it’s ideal for shooting scenarios where mobility is key.

- 4K optical performance thanks to Canon lens technology; designed for Super35mm cameras
- Servo drive unit enables broadcast or hand-held production
- A single lens for most shooting situations: highly versatile 17mm-120mm focal length
- Rugged build quality for assured performance in all environments; weatherproof and shockproof
- Designed with users in mind for a familiar and intuitive experience
- Compatible with accessories typically used in broadcast and movie environments
- EF- and PL- mounts available for maximum camera compatibility
- Extensive lens communication options (12-pin, EF, Cooke /i) support a range of production styles

High performance, highly versatile
Using our rich heritage of optical expertise, Canon has created a lens offering outstanding quality -from image centre to image edge. The CN7x17 KAS S E1/P1 supports 4K resolution and incorporates an 11-blade diaphragm to deliver softer, more attractive out of focus areas. Thanks to an impressive 7x zoom, with focal length spanning 17mm to 120 mm, and maximum T-number of T2.95, the CN7x17 KAS S E1/P1 may be the only lens you need. A 3-group inner focus system developed for Canon lenses reduces focus breathing to an absolute minimum.
It is both weatherproof and shockproof – durable enough for every shooting environment.

Designed for broadcast shooting styles
The CN7x17 KAS S E1/P1 employs a servo drive unit, enabling use in broadcast-style shooting environments where cine lenses are impractical. Compact and lightweight, it offers comfortable on-the-shoulder shooting with the familiar feel of a typical TV zoom lens. Focus ring rotation is 180°, balancing the accuracy required for 4K imaging with the speed needed for broadcast use. High resolution encoders mean that actions are precisely repeatable, whilst fast start-up and high-speed operation ensure you never miss a moment.
For tripod-based set-ups, existing Canon demand units can be used to control zoom, focus and iris. Virtual studio use is also supported thanks to a sophisticated 16-bit encoder output.

Perfect movie shoots
This lens is also ideal for movie shooting. With the drive unit removed, it can be operated like a traditional cine lens. Industry-standard accessories such as follow focus units are easily attached - 0.8 and 0.5 pitch gears are incorporated into the focus ring. Re-installation of the drive unit is simple. No adjustment of gear positions is required, enabling a fluid, versatile shooting style previously unavailable with large sensor cameras.
All Cinema EOS lenses are colour-matched, ensuring easy integration with other Canon cine lenses.

Camera/Lens communication
The CN7x17 KAS S E1/P1 supports multiple lens communication methods for added versatility. Canon’s EF-mount supports lens metadata and other functions such as Peripheral Illumination Correction. A 12-pin serial connection provides an interface found in broadcast environments. Cooke /i Technology is supported in the PL-mount variant, allowing capture of lens data by cameras often used in movie shooting environments.

Delivery Contents:
• Lens
• Hood
• Lens Cap
• Operational Manual
• Dust Cap

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EF (/E1 variant)
PL (/P1 variant)
Focal Length
17 - 120mm
Zoom Ratio
Image Size
Maximum Relative Aperture
1:2.95 at 17 - 91mm
1:3.9 at 120mm
Iris Blades
Angular Field of View
1.9: 26.2 × 13.8mm:
75.2° × 44.2° at 17mm
12.5° × 6.6° at 120mm
MOD from Image Sensor
Object Dimensions at MOD
1.9: 26.2 × 13.8mm:
92.1 × 48.5cm at 17mm
12.7 × 6.7cm at 120mm
Front Diameter
Approx Size (W × H × L)
EF mount: 174.2 × 125.0 × 262.9mm
PL mount: 174.2 × 125.0 × 254.9mm
Approx Weight
Pitch of Follow Focus Gear
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