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Canon RC-V100 Remote Control

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Canon RC-V100 Fernbedienung
Canon RC-V100 Fernbedienung
Canon RC-V100 Fernbedienung
Canon RC-V100 Fernbedienung
Canon RC-V100 Fernbedienung
Canon RC-V100 Fernbedienung
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Canon RC-V100 Remote Control

The Canon Remote Control RC-V100 offers camcorder users greater freedom. Whether in a studio, on location, or simply somewhere previously out of reach, it provides wired remote control of almost any camcorder function.

- Powerful wired remote control of camcorder functions
- Intuitive layout to suit professional users
- Dedicated dials for adjustment of advanced imaging parameters
- Direct operational control of key camera functions such as focus, iris and gain¹
- Access camera operating menus to quickly adjust any setting
- Illuminated buttons enable easy low-light operation
- Configurable buttons for user-specific control
- Compatible with Canon Professional Video Cameras and Cinema EOS cameras
- Ideal for on-location and in-studio usage

Powerful remote control
Users of Canon's professional camcorders can enjoy unrivalled control with the RC-V100 wired remote control unit - bringing both basic and advanced image adjustment to your fingertips.

Extensive control
The RC-V100 combines some of the benefits of an advanced remote control and a Camera Control Unit (CCU), typically found in a studio environment. Almost any adjustable function can be controlled - from focus, iris and zoom, to user-specific options such as Custom Picture presets and specific image adjustments like knee point and slope.

Record more, differently
Certain scenarios demand remote camera control: when the camera is mounted on a jib for elevated shots, for example, or in scenarios that require quick adjustment to compensate for changing conditions. Thanks to remote access and control, these recording obstacles can be overcome. In combination with the RC-V100, Canon professional camcorders become even more versatile tools to help realise your creative vision.

Intuitive layout for greater control
The controller’s intuitive layout makes control of key camera functions and image parameters easy, even if you're not an expert on the camera concerned. It has been carefully designed to be easy to understand and learn, with key features grouped together in three main sections. Common image parameters are controlled using dials, making remote image fine-tuning incredibly simple. Furthermore, user-assignable buttons are provided for added versatility.

Clear and simple operation, wherever, whenever
To aid operation in low-light situations, the buttons are illuminated, with the option of an audible ‘beep’ to confirm user selections.

Firmware updates
Your camera firmware may need to be updated to enable compatibility with the RC-V100. A USB connection on the RC-V100 supports possible future firmware updates.

¹Lens control not possible with PL-mount Cinema EOS cameras or manual lenses

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Wired Remote Controller
Supply Voltage
DC 5.0V - 6.0V
Power Source
Via camera
Power Consumption
0.25W (Max)
Connections available
REMOTE A Connector (stereo mini jack 3.5mm)
USB connector (mini-B for service and update)
Cable Length
5 M
Maximum Dimensions (Wx H × D)
89 × 224 × 65mm (3.5 × 8.8 × 2.6 inch)
Approx. 630g (1.4lb)
Operating Temperature Range
0°C to +40°C (32°F to 104°F)



Camera Power
Recording Function
REC Review
When Camera is in MEDIA mode
Colour Bars
On/Off when BARS selected
On Screen
Access Camera Menu
Up/down/left and right SET buttons
Menu Control
ACTIVE button
Prevents accidental operation, depending on mode
Assign Button (1 - 4)
Set/Select custom functions from camera
ND Filter Selection/Operation
Auto Knee/Knee Point/Knee slope
Black Gamma Level
White Balance (WB)
AUTO/WB A, WB B/WB Set/WB Preset
Master Black
Sharpness Level
AF Select/Manual Focus adjust
Zoom Operation
Auto Iris/Manual Iris adjust
Master Pedastal
Shutter Select/Shutter Speed adjust
Auto Gain select/Manual Gain/ISO select
Custom Picture Settings
Supported Cameras
See individual Camera specification¹
Supported Cameras
¹Camera firmware update may be required
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