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Cartoni P20 Pedestal PTZ (P020/PTZ)

SKU: 1000011267

Payload up to 25kg / Max Height 171 cm / Min Height 74 cm

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Cartoni P20 pedestal PTZ (P020/PTZ)

Cartoni’s new P20 pedestal with PTZ attachment gives PTZ cameras outstanding support. It allows camera operators to use PTZ cameras in super high set-ups, a vertical gliding movement of 40 cm stroke, and super-precise traveling ability on even floors. Equipped with a flat 3/8, ¼” camera attachment, the P20/ PTZ pedestal can support a teleprompter, making it ideal in newsrooms.

Delivery Content
• P20 Pneumatic system w/extendable dolly 100mm wheels
• hand pump
• AH870 attachment


14 kg / 31 lbs
25 kg / 55 lbs
Minimum Height
74 cm / 29"
Maximum Height
171 cm / 67"
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