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DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise (Zoom) Universal Edition

SKU: 1000005239

special operations / OcuSync 2.0 / internal 24GB / 31 min flight time

Available immediately, delivery about 1-5 days.
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DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise

Expand your capabilities in close range operations with the Mavic 2 Enterprise – your on-hand tool that is ready to be deployed at the whim of your disposal – anywhere, anytime. Unlock the possibilities of flight with an extended port 1 that allows you to connect additional devices onto the drone, helping you perform at your best in a variety of critical missions.

Upgrade the Mavic 2 Enterprise with the following optinal items:
• M2E Spotlight - Direct lost persons with greater ease using a dual spotlight that enhances your vision in low-light areas.
• M2E Speaker - Communicate with ground teams during emergency situations, effectively guiding pilots and workers across the operation.
• M2E Beacon - Conduct night missions with additional safety, allowing other pilots to easily spot you from a distance while you’re operating on site.

From take-off to landing, we’ve refined the way you interact with your drone and the environment, ensuring that you have a safe and productive flight at all times.
Simply enter your password to get access to your device and all of its features and functions. This intuitive way of logging into your device ensures secure access to your drone and its onboard data storage, thus preventing leakage of sensitive information.
Avoid hazards in the sky with DJI AirSense, which enhances your airspace safety by giving you instant real-time positioning alerts on nearby manned aircraft.

Fly Safer
Improved FlightAutonomy gives you omnidirectional obstacle sensing2, an advanced sensing system comprised of 8 high resolution vision and 2 infrared sensors placed on the sides of the aircraft. The result? A powerful set of sensors that determine the relative speed and distance between the aircraft and an object, so you can fly and hover with more stability than ever in a wide range of open and complex environments.
The Advanced Pilot Assistance System enables the drone to intuitively detect objects on its every move, letting you easily fly around or over obstacles, particularly in tight spaces.

Use the Mavic 2 Enterprise in the following possible Situations:
• Firefighting
• Law enforcement
• emergency response
• powerline inspection
• cell tower inspection
• bridge inspection

Delivery Content
1x aircraft
1x remote control
1x intelligent battery
1x battery charger
1x power cable
3x propeller pair
1x spare joystick (pair)
1x USB Type-C cable
1x USB adapter
1x cover of the expansion slot
1x speaker
1x headlight
1x collision warning light
3x RC cable (Lightning, Micro-USB, USB-C)
1x transport case

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