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Enlaps Tikee mini Timelapse Camera

SKU: 1000015637

1/2,3 Sensor | 12MP / 4032 × 3024 / up to 4K-VideoUpload / microSD Card slot

Enlaps Tikee mini Timelapse Camera
Enlaps Tikee mini Timelapse Camera
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Enlaps Tikee mini Timelapse Camera

The Tikee mini, the smart compact cam that offers many advanced features. Capture every moment with precision and ease thanks to this innovative technology. Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor use with the ability to be set-up anywhere and suitable for a wide target group, including architects, decorators, construction managers, photographers and drone pilots. Any project, Any condition.

  • Wide angle DFOV 149° / HFOV 124°
  • High quality, 4K resolution
  • 4G/LTE, Wifi, GPS connectivity
  • Long battery life
  • Versatile power source
  • Video livestream
  • IP66 - Designed for extreme conditions

Compact size and portability
Tikee mini stands out for its lightness and ease of installation. Ideal for indoor projects requiring a smart and practical mobile cam.

Economic solution and professional quality
Specially designed for small projects, this smart cam meets budget constraints without compromising performance.

Versatility Indoor and Outdoor
With sharp images from one meter to infinity, the timelapse camera Tikee mini is ideal for indoor shooting as well as for outdoor projects.

myTikee App
Set up the recording intervals and broadcast mode via the app, adjust the angle in the preview and then start! The app also offers the option of a live preview.

myTikee Subscription - Content generation and data analysis
With optional myTikee subscriptions, you can follow all of your projects remotely on myTikee, the cloud platform for content generation, sharing, and data analysis from captured images. The myTikee cloud platform allows you to generate, share content and analyse data from captured images. Whether you are using a Tikee camera or an IP camera, you can monitor remotly your entire project in the field of tourism, events, construction and research. It also offers the integration of 3D models, live streaming video, access control with secure sharing options, and priority access to customer support.

In the Box
• Tikee mini Timelapse Camera
• Custom soft case


4K, 12 MP
Wifi / 4G LTE / GPS
Remote access
Yes - On demand live stream
Power supply
Internal battery charged via external solar panel or wall supply
Weather protection
Digital on the myTikee cloud platform
Cloud platform for project monitoring

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