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Filmcart Smartone XL

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Strong steel rims / Sealed bearings / Manual foot brakes / Anodized cart legs

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Filmcart Smartone XL

Smartone cart is made for film industry professionals who value ​​time, quality and work comfort. This mobile and easy-to-use solution allows you to carry and organize on-set equipment you need. High durability components and brakes system provides performance and safety. Have the compact and lightweight SMARTONE always at your hand or compact car where fits perfectly.

Compact Size
The compact dimensions in folded state makes the filmcart perfect for transporting in compact cars and keeping in small storage.

Quality Materials
We provide you quality materials which guarantee a long-lasting usage in harsh set conditions. SmartOne can lift up to 200 kilograms.

User Friendly
Easy and fast folding and unfolding safes your time and small wheels on the outside provided for convenient transport in the folded state.

Fully Customizible
Check out our expanding range of dedicated accessories. Now we offer steadycam, monitors and headfixing mounts, stay tuned for more.

Double deck cart can be used to transport equipment or as a workstation, all parts can be transport in one case including the accessories.

Details for Safety
We paid a special attention to brakes and wheels to increase control over the cart, the carpet surface on the platforms prevents slipping the carry.

• Strong steel rims
• German rubber sealed bearings
• Tires made of 4-layer gum,
• Manual foot brakes with a force regulation
• Handles protected from damage by a steel pads
• Anodized cart legs

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