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Glidecam Workshop I - Stabilizer Basics

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Glidecam Workshop I - Schwebesystem Basics
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Instruction and training for the following camera stabilizers: Smooth Shooter, HD1000/2000/4000, XR1000/2000/4000, X-10, X-22, X-45 and Gold System.

Technological progress never stops - Because of this, we need to constantly sharpen our minds in order to make the best use of the tools we have at our disposal.

99% of all the world's operators have taken formal workshops. Whether they have choosen a two-hour Glidecam workshop or the more intensive two-day Glidecam Workshop, they have taken training from highly experienced Operator/Instructors and have left the Workshop experience in possession of the skill and information that allows them to pursue a career in camera stabilisation.

This two hour workshop gives each participant in a one to one training basic practical and theoretical experience to begin working professionally, plus the mental tools needed to meet future challenges, as well as exercises and shots to practice after completing the course.

Workshop I – The Basics

Explanation of the equipment and basic setup procedure.

- Explanation of the different parts
- Setup and balancing of the equipment
- Proper use of the equipment
- How to move and shoot with the equipment
- Safety

- The moving subject
- In the studio
- Outside
- Panning and tilting
- Safety aspects for you and the people around you

Duration ca. 2 hours.

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