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Glidecam Workshop III - 2 Day personal Training

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Glidecam Workshop III - 2 Tages Kurs
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Workshop Glidecam Stabilisers No. 3

Technological progress never stops - Because of this, we need to constantly sharpen our minds in order to make the best use of the tools we have at our disposal.

99% of all the world's operators have taken formal workshops. Whether they have choosen a two-hour Glidecam workshop or the more intensive two-day Glidecam Workshop, they have taken training from highly experienced Operator/Instructors and have left the Workshop experience in possession of the skill and information that allows them to pursue a career in camera stabilisation.

This two-day hour workshop gives each participant in a one to one training basic practical and theoretical experience to begin working professionally, plus the mental tools needed to meet future challenges, as well as exercises and shots to practice after completing the course.

Workshop III - Advanced


This workshop builds on the program on the advanced course and is for users of the X-22, X-10 or Gold system.

In addition to the basics and essentials skills, particular emphasis is placed on the adjustment of the system and practical exercises.

Get to know the components of theSystem
- Physics
- Attaching and adjusting the arm
- Body vest (Vest)
- Stabilisation of the Sled
- Components and their function
- Center of gravity of the camera
- Mounting the camera and balancing the system
- Static Balance - Dynamic Balance

Setting up the system
- Adjusting the vest to properly fit your torso
- Connection the arm to the vest
- Adjustment of the arm
- Individual positioning of the arm
- Available external monitors
- Proper installation of monitors

- Safety for the operator and the people around you

Learn how to walk and move with the system

- Body vest and arm - Exercise
- Exercise - with body vest, arm and sled
- Line-dances

Practical individual exercises
- Repetition of the most important parts of the previous day
- Setup and balancing of the system by the workshop student
- Practical exercises for each student
- Analysis of individual practical exercises
- Analysis and Improvement
- Alternative use
- Mounting on vehicles of all kinds
- Low-Mode
- Preparation and execution of the final test

Duration ca. 12 hours over the course of two days.

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