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Glidecam X-30 System

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6,8 – 13,6 kg / X-30 Vest / X-30 Arm / X-30 Sled

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Glidecam X-30
The Glidecam X-30 stabilization system is one of Glidecam’s newest and most advanced body-mounted systems that can be used with cameras weighing from 6,8 kg to 13,6 kg. The X-30 is of superior quality yet remains economical, making it the most sophisticated and professional system within its price range.

With the X-30 system, all of your body’s unwanted motions are isolated from your camera, leaving your camera in a balanced and suspended state until you decide to set it in motion. With the X-30, you can achieve a type of shot that will cause the audience to feel a “gliding” sensation. You can run up and down stairs, over rugged terrain, or simply circle an actress in a studio – you will always be able to accomplish the style you want regardless of your chosen set.

X-30 Arm Features:
Light Force™ Technology: this means that literally only a “light” force or effort is required by the operator to hold or move the arm in any given position Double-shielded bearings: create little friction, resulting in smooth and noiseless booming and pivoting High quality material: T6 aluminum structure with black anodized outer shells Four titanium extension springs: Spring tension is adjustable to accommodate different camera weights Spring tension guide: There are markers along the arm enabling you to see and adjust the tension of the springs Easy configuration: Can be altered so that both right-handed and left-handed people can use the system

X-30 Sled Features:
Dovetail camera plate: A dovetail camera mounting plate can be dropped into the sled without the use of tools, allowing you to speedily attach or detach your camera with quick release functionality Fine-tuning knobs: Two knobs let you move the top plate forward, backward, and side-to-side after the camera has been mounted to the stabilizer – perfecting and simplifying the horizontal balancing process Gimbal adjustment: If you wish, you can change the position of the gimbal along the post, altering the vertical balance
Telescoping pole: With the twist of a knob you can expand or retract the length of the stabilizer, adjusting the vertical balance
Expandable base: The Dynamic Base Platform can also expand or retract, which will increase or decrease the system’s rotational pan inertia respectively.

X-30 Vest Features:
Comfortable fit: Lightweight and adjustable – can be altered to fit a wide range of operators High quality and high endurance material: EVA foam padding, T6 aluminum alloy, 1000 denier cordura fabric and 7-panel seatbelt strapping. The strength of these materials ensures that the vest can easily hold and distribute the weight across the operator’s shoulders, back, and hips Dual buckle design: Operators can quickly and easily put on or remove the X-30 Vest Trimming mechanism: This helps you neutralize the support arm based on your center of gravity, leading to easier shooting if adjusted properly  Easy configuration: Can be altered so that both right-handed and left-handed people can use the system Quick release safety cord: With the pull of a cord, you will be relieved from your X-30 System in case of an emergency Industry standard socket: The X-30 vest can be used with other brand support arms and sleds

What is in the box?

  • X-30 Vest
  • X-30 Arm
  • X-30 Sled with Anton Bauer or V-lock Battery Plate
  • X-30 Balance and Docking Bracket
  • 2x Video BNC to BNC and 2 x Power Cables (2 pin Lemo to 4 Pin XLR)
  • Hardware & Accessory Set
  • Operational Manual


Camera weight capacity
6,8 - 13,6 kg
Head dimensions
20,32 × 7,26 cm
Base dimensions minimum
40,64 × 10,16 cm
Base dimensions maximum
40,64 × 12,07 cm
Central Post
4,45 cm
Height minimum
43,18 cm
Height maximum
68,58 cm
Camera plate mounting holes
0,635 cm & 0,953 cm
Vest weight
3,18 kg
Sled Weight
4,08 kg
Support arm weight
5,17 kg
Support arm weight capacity
22,7 kg (sled + camera)
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