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iFootage Waterbag

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For M1 Minicranes / Totally portable / Wide filling neck / 5kg weight filled

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iFootage Waterbag

This clever accessory is designed to provide a portable counter balance option for the M1 series of iFootage Minicranes. Made of durable material and using the latest sealing technology the waterbag ensures that your crane remains portable and easy to set up by replacing the need for heavy metal weights. Simply, fill the bag with water or sand when you need to use it with the crane and then empty it it and fold it away when you’ve finished.

• Supports iFootage M1 Series Minicranes
• Lightweight, reliable and durable
• Totally portable and can be flat packed, when empty, for transportation
• Makes transporting and setting up your minicrane easy and cost effective
• Perfect, practical replacement for traditional, large, heavy metal counterweights
• Wide filling neck allows for either water or sand to be used as the counterweight
• Suitable for most locations and weather conditions

Delivery Contents:
1 x Aquadrop Waterbag


Max weight filled: 5kg
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