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Ikan PT1200 12" Portable Teleprompter Kit

SKU: 0000014150
Ikan PT1200 12" Portable Teleprompter Kit
Ikan PT1200 12
Ikan PT1200 12
Ikan PT1200 12
Ikan PT1200 12
Ikan PT1200 12
Ikan PT1200 12
Ikan PT1200 12
Ikan PT1200 12
Ikan PT1200 12
Ikan PT1200 12
Ikan PT1200 12
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Ikan PT1200 12" Portable Teleprompter Kit

The follow up to the ever popular PT2500 is Ikan's PT1200. Featuring a custom designed 12-inch monitor for the perfect balance between viewing distance and portability. The unit is designed around the industry standard 15mm rod system. This allows the whole setup to be more durable and more lightweight.

The Teleprompter Evolved
The PT1200 is the most compact full featured teleprompter Ikan carrys. The whole unit breaks apart into three main parts and the glass frame folds. This allows the teleprompter to pack small and tight.

Extreme Clarity
Ikan includes scientific grade, made in America, teleprompter glass. You don't have to worry about how the glass will affect your image.

Purpose Built
Other teleprompters include "off-the-shelf" LCD monitors designed to be used on a desk attached to your PC. Ikan designed the monitor specifically for use as a teleprompter. The housing is made of metal for durability. The buttons and inputs are laid out for easy access. The screen is sharp and clear.

Foldable Glass Frame
To make your job easier Ikan made the glass frame adjustable. This way you can adjust it to match your talents view and not have to adjust your other gear. The adjustable frame also makes it easier to pack and travel.

New EV3 Quick Release Baseplate
The Ikan PT1200 is equipped with a new EV3 Quick Release Baseplate. This allows you to quickly add or remove your camera. It is also adjustable in height to accommodate different sized cameras.

Take it Anywhere Safely
The PT1200 ships in custom cut high quality foam so it arrives safely at your door. Ikan designed the dimensions of the foam to perfectly match the SKB iSeries 1914-8 Waterproof Case. Just drop it in and you are ready to go.

Hard Case Not Included!


  • Includes 12" Custom Monitor
  • New Adjustable Glass Frame
  • Perfect Size for Portability and View-Ability
  • 15 mm Rod Based for Versatility and Ease of Use
  • Assembles in 60 seconds
  • Ships in Reusable Foam for Easy Transport
  • Includes MAC and PC Software



Aspect Ratio:
350 cd/m2
Build Material:
Aluminum / Steel
Contrast Ratio:
30,5 cm (12 inch)
56×27×30,5 cm (22×10.5×12 inch)
Reading Range:
Shipping Dimensions:
17×39×49,5 cm (6.75×15.5×19.5 inch)
4,7 kg (10.5 lbs)
Shipping Weight:
5,9 kg (13 lbs)
Viewing angle:
H: 160 degree / V: 140 degree
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