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Kandao QooCam

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3-lens camera / 360° 4K video / 3D stereo video / Refocus videos

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Kandao QooCam 360° & Stereo Camera
Meet QooCam, a unique 3-lens camera that embodies signature features of 360° & 3D 180° technologies in one. With the cutting-edged depth map, cinematic stabilization, and an intuitive editing tool, QooCam empowers you to film like a pro.

Key Features:
• 3D VR 180°
• 2D VR 360°
• 4K Video
• Refocus
• Sky Change
• Live Streaming
• 120 FPS & Slow Motion
• Video Stabilization
• App Editor

4K 3D Stereo & 360° Video
For the first time the future of filming to the reach of everyone. With unique 3 lenses camera and switchable design, Qoocam can record not only 360° 4K videos, also 3D stereo videos and at the same time! You can record, edit and share your 360° & 3D moments and go live with Qoocam.

Customize Depth-Map, Refocus For Everything
With the groundbreaking depth-based technology, you can refocus your videos even after you have shoot them. More detail and possibilities can be achieved with Qoocam.

Capture and Share Anywhere
Users can livestream with “different” 4K settings, whether it's a 360-degree panoramic with no dead ends or 180 degrees with a 3D sense of space, Qoocam can easily accommodate.

Durable with Elegance
QooCam is made from durable yet elegant full metal, employing fine craftsmanship and innovative design, to make it look as professional as it shots. Take it anywhere, it is ready to record your amazing journey for longer time than you expect from its compact size.

Live Streaming
Users can livestream with "different" 4K settings, whether it´s a 360-degree panoramic with no dead ends or 180 degree with a 3D sense of space, Qoocam can easily accommodate.

Sky Changing
Utilizing depth map and color identification technology, you can replace the background (sky) without green screen, changing a blue sunny day into a starry night with simple taps on your phone.



Photo Resolution


Video Resolution

3840*1920@30fps, 3840*1920@60fps, 1920*960@120fps

Photo Format


Video Format


Video Coding Format


Audio Format


Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


Working Humidity

5-95% RH

Storage Humidity

5-95% RH

WiFi Transmission




Battery Life








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