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Moza Slypod

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Payload V 9kg / Payload H 4kg / Max Length 97cm / Min Length 52cm

Moza Slypod
Moza Slypod
Moza Slypod
Moza Slypod
Moza Slypod
Moza Slypod
Moza Slypod
Moza Slypod
Moza Slypod
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MOZA Slypod 2-in-1 Motorized Slider & Monopod

The world’s first motorized monopod that combines with high precision slider motion control technology.

Ultra-light yet Unmatched Capacity
The carbon fiber body makes MOZA Slypod weigh less than 1,000g including built-in batteries. Yet MOZA Slypod can handle vertical payload up to 18kg, making it the most powerful motorized slider of this size ever.

Inheriting the precise drive technology from Mars Rover, the ultra-high power density geared motor is capable of producing 1Nm torque, enough to drive up to an 18kg payload.

Acceleration from 0 to 10,000rpm takes only 10 microseconds or 1/100000s, which beats all the ordinary brushless motors. Embedded precision motion control algorithm gives perfectly repeatable and smooth motion for even the most demanding shots.

The telescopic length, sliding speed and programmable motion time-lapse can be controlled via MOZA App and the optional Remote Handunit.

Weather Proofed Design
The excellent innovative structural design provides MOZA Slypod with perfect maintenance-free performance, preventing the fully built-in transmission system from wind, sand and dust.

Delivery Contents:
1 x Carbon Fiber MOZA Slypod
1 x Pan-and-Tilt Head
1 x Wooden Handle
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Manual
1 x Bag
1 x Table Tripod


Size Folded Length 522mm (Accessories are not included.)
  Expanded Length 971mm (Accessories are not included.)
  Max Diameter 54mm  
Weight Main Body 750g  
Payload   Rated Max
  Vertical 9kg 18kg
  Horizontal 4kg 10kg
Speed   Minimum Maximum
    0.15mm/s 28mm/s
Operating Voltage   8.5v - 12.6v  
Operating Current   0.35A  
Battery Life   1.5h - 2h  
Working Temperature   -10℃ - 50℃  
Bluetooth   BLUETOOTH4.2 BLE  
Battery Model   Lion  
Battery Voltage   11,1  
Charging Port   Type-C USB  
Charging Voltage   5V 2A  
Charging Time   90min  
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