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Panasonic AG-HMC41EJ AVCHD Camcorder

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Panasonic AG-HMC41EJ AVCHD Camcorder
Panasonic AG-HMC41EJ AVCHD Camcorder
Panasonic AG-HMC41EJ AVCHD Camcorder
Panasonic AG-HMC41EJ AVCHD Camcorder
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New, Lightweight AVCCAM Camcorder AG-HMC41EJU with Full-HD Images and Advanced Functions

Sharp, Crisp Rendering of Every Subject New Leica Dicomar Lens

Featuring 13 elements in 10 groups, the newly developed Leica Dicomar lens is ideal for full-HD recording. The new lens system uses low-dispersion glass and aspherical lenses to reduce colour aberration and boost resolution. Use of a special multi-coating process dramatically reduces flare and ghosts. The result: sharp, crisp, beautifully rendered pictures with vivid colours, delicate nuances, and exceptional shading. This advanced lens also lets you capture 40.8mm wide-angle shots (35mm lens equivalent) - unusual for such a compact unit.

Up to 120x Zoom Power 12x Optical Zoom and 10x Digital Zoom

Even at the 490 mm zoom setting (35mm lens equivalent), this advanced 12x optical zoom lens is free of image degradation. And the AG-HMC41EU is also equipped with a digital zoom that instantly magnifies the image by any of three fixed values. 2x, 5x or 10x. Use it together with the 12x optical zoom lens, and you get super magnification equivalent to a 120x zoom, without the drop in light intensity that happens when using a lens extender.

Highly Nuanced Image Expression 3.05-megapixel Progressive 3MOS Sensors

The progressive 3MOS image sensors record full-HD images with a total, 3.05-megapixel (approx.) resolution [effective motion-image resolution of 2.51 megapixels (approx.)]. This produces full-raster HD images with high resolution and superb image quality. Because each of the three separate image sensors receives one of the three primary colours of light (red, green and blue), they render more precise images and more faithful colours than
the single light-receiving 1MOS sensor.

High-quality Digital Stills Still Shots with 10.6-megapixel Resolution (approx.)

The new 3MOS sensors also combine with Panasonic's proprietary Quad-Density Pixel Distribution technology to achieve a resolution that is equivalent to 4 times the normal level. The AG-HMC41 captures still images with approx. 10.6-megapixel resolution (in still image mode, 3:2 aspect ratio), which approaches the level of a high-performance digital still camera. For example, you can use it to shoot both motion and still images for a website.


- Newly developed 1/4.1-inch 3.05-megapixel, progressive 3MOS sensors
- Records still images with 10.6-megapixel resolution (approx.)
- Wide-ranging functions include a detachable XLR adapter (option)
- Waveform monitor, and camera remote
- 12x Leica Dicomar zoom lens with Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS)
- Professional-quality PH mode and reliable SD memory card recording
- Smooth, easy operation with a manual focus ring and touch panel
- Outstanding mobility with a small body that weights just 0.98 kg (camera-recorder only)

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