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Panasonic AJ-P2E016FG

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Panasonic AJ-P2E016FG
Panasonic AJ-P2E016FG
Panasonic AJ-P2E016FG
Panasonic AJ-P2E016FG
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Panasonic announced a new line of P2 solid-state memory cards designed to significantly reduce the cost of the P2 file based workflow. Available starting this May, the new E-Series includes 16GB (model AJ-P2E016XG), 32GB (model AJ-P2E032XG) and 64GB (model AJ-P2E064XG) P2 memory cards, which provide superior quality recording for an average of five years of normal operation.

Data transfer
max. 1,2Mbps
Cards are reusable recorded once daily, at full capacity (100%) for
5 years
Cards are reusable used at half capacity (50%) for
10 years
Operating temperature range
-20°C bis +60°C
54 × 5 × 85,6

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