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Sachtler ACT2 Vest (S2602-1100)

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Sachtler ACT2 Weste (S2602-1100)
Sachtler ACT2 Weste (S2602-1100)
Sachtler ACT2 Weste (S2602-1100)
Sachtler ACT2 Weste (S2602-1100)
Sachtler ACT2 Weste (S2602-1100)
Sachtler ACT2 Weste (S2602-1100)
Sachtler ACT2 Weste (S2602-1100)
Sachtler ACT2 Weste (S2602-1100)
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Sachtler ACT2 Vest

More flexibility and comfort for the operators

During development of the artemis ACT2 vest, perfect fit and great comfort were in the center of our attention:

The vest has seven segments that can be freely positioned in height and width, so that operators can adjust the shoulder, chest and hip segments perfectly to their individual physique. The perfect fit of this vest allows longer operating times. The operator will not get exhausted too early, and the vest prevents unhealthy postures that may cause pains when maintained too long. The new ACT2 vest fits all operators, regardless of their individual body height and girth. On the basis of advanced materials, the padding could be separated into six single pads. These pads are not made from plastic foam as usual, but from a newly developed extremely breathable material. Due to this combination of form and material more air can circulate through the pads and the spaces between them; this feature reduces sweating during operating significantly. All textile parts of the vest can easily be removed and washed.

The new locking mechanism for the chest and hip sections enables fast adjustment and easy fastening of the chest and hip belts. With only one hand the operator can open the quick-release locking mechanism during short breaks, for easy relaxing and breathing space. After fastening the quick-release locking mechanism the belts will return exactly to their former position.

Adjusting the length of the chest telescope and position of the chest bridge, can be done without any tool. The tool-free clamp levers can be used with only one hand. The artemis ACT2 vest is equipped with the american standard industry vest-arm connector (mating block) and therefore fully compatible to systems and spring arms of other manufacturers.

Innovative materials and the clever construction of the ACT2 vest make the everyday life of operators much easier. Last but not least, its extreme flexibility is an interesting feature for rental houses and television stations where several operators might have to share one vest.


- Ergonomic and flexible design
- Perfect adjustable to any operators height
- Every segment of the vest can be placed at the right position, following the shape of the operator
- Improved pad material offers more comfort
- New pad technology distributes the payload all over the upper part of the operators body and avoids particularly spots of pressure
- The new pad layout increases ventilation and helps to cool down the operator
- All pads are easily removable and can be washed
- Fast locking mechanism for the hip and chest
- Tool-free adjustment for the chest telescope and the chest bridge
- American standard industry connector (mating block)

The flexible vest concept is the right choice for operators looking for a spine friendly perfect fitting and comfortable vest. With easy to clean pads, small transportation dimension and a modern design, the ACT2 vest is a state of the art product.

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