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Wooden Camera D-Box Plus (ARRI Alexa Mini, V-Mount)

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4pin XLR connector / V-Mount Power Plate / HD-SDI outputs / HDMI outputs

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Wooden Camera D-Box Plus (ARRI Alexa Mini, V-Mount)

D-Box Plus (ARRI Alexa Mini, V-Mount) is an improvement on the very popular D-Box Alexa Mini. D-Box Plus interfaces with the camera's Power, EXT, and SDI ports. The DC input is now a full size 4pin XLR connector and is prioritized to be used first, leaving the onboard battery fully charged.

Physical fuses have been replaced by a processor controlled amp limit which is settable to 3.8, 5.8, or 9 amps using the slide switch on the operator's side. Should the user exceed the set current for accessories, only the accessory outputs are disabled leaving the camera running normally. Once the current load has been reduced by either removing accessories or reconfiguring, the reset button can be pressed to enable accessory power again.

Highest quality Anton Bauer components are used in the V-Mount assembly and the unibody power plate design is both extremely durable and lightweight.

• 1x V-Mount Power Plate
• 3x HD-SDI outputs
• 2x HDMI outputs
• 2x 3pin Fischer at 24V with Run Stop
- Regulator built in to convert battery voltage to 24V
- Maximum 3A surge, 2.5A sustained shared between connectors
• 2x 2pin LEMO at 12V unregulated
- ARRI standard wiring
• 2x D-Tap at 12V unregulated
• 1x 5V USB
• 1x EXT port
- Replica of connector on rear of camera
- Maintains functionality of external communication for Starlite monitor, R/S, and power
• 1x 4pin XLR DC Input
- Hot swappable with on board battery
- Capable of providing power to accessories and camera without brick battery attached

Cables to Camera:
• 1x 8pin LEMO compatible cable (16 inches)
• 1x 7pin LEMO compatible cable (16 inches)
• 1x HD-SDI cable (16 inches)

The bottom of the D-Box has (2) 1/4-20 holes which can attach directly to our Battery Swing Bracket Only (for D-Box Plus), Rod Clamp (15mm LW), Rod Clamp (15mm Studio), and Rod Clamp (19mm). For an adjustable mount system use the Battery Slide.

This product will attach to the ARRI BAP-1 and instructions on how to do this are included in the box.

Connectors used in this assembly are not manufactured by LEMO but are made to the same specifications and are LEMO compatible.


Weight  534 grams (1.18 lbs)
Dimensions 90 x 146 x 43mm (3.5 x 5.7 x 1.7 inches)
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