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Kandao QooCam EGO 3D camera White version

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3D Camera / 3D Viewer / 3840x1080@60fps / 37PPI

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Kandao QooCam EGO 3D Camera White version

• Compact Camera for Single-Hand Shooting
• Touch Screen Makes Interaction Far More Efficient
• 6 Axis Anti-Shake Ensures Crisp and Vital Video
• Take Selfie with In-App Remote Shutter
• Instant Preview with Camera Screen
• Instant 3D Playback with Magnetic 3D Viewer
• Editing Eye-Catching Video in the app with One Click
• Snap, Edit, Share. Smooth than Ever Before
• 3D Templates and Stickers are Here to Splash Your Video
• EGO to EGO Wireless Sharing
• Video-Talkie In-Cam Chatroom
• MP4 Format Compatible with Major 3D Devices and Platforms

QooCam EGO is more than a 3D camera. It can be your time capsule, or personal expresser. Digging deeply into the value of moving images, EGO is born to capture the fleeting moments of beauty and keep precious memories fresh and vital. All can be done with a snap. EGO adds sparks to your footage. Using the unlimited power of 3D photography, It offers a futuristic experience beyond flat images, and a whole new way of interacting with the world. Share instantly and treat the world with a visual feast. Tell the sparks hidden in the depths of your minds, nd liberate the inner power that pushes you forward, All can be done at your fingertips. Meet your pocket-size creative partner, far more powerful and creative than you expected.

Liberate Images from Flat Screen
We are living in a dynamic world filled with stunning sceneries. QooCam EGO has two lenses that capture the world just as you see it, enabling it to provide an ultra-realistic 3D experience that liberates all your precious moments from the flat screen.

True-to-Life. Fluid, Crisp, Vital
With an interpapillary distance of 65mm the two lenses of QooCam EGO capture the world just as you see it. Working together with our top-tier resolution of 3840*1080@60FPS, QooCam EGO offers the ultimate fluid and crisp video that would completely indulge you in the scene.

Immersive 3D. Complete Indulgence
The revolutionary optical correction algorithm could study and optimize all details involved in the blink of your eyes, create images with incredible depth and excellent realness. Screen resolution DOUBLES the iPhone 13 resolution with 847PPI. 3D viewer resolution of 37PPD is TWICE as much as that of existing headsets.

No Stitching. No Converting. Connect and Immerse.
EGO directly outputs 3840*1080 side-by-side MP4 video, perfectly compatible with major 3D devices and online platforms.

Learning to Use a Film-Level 3D Camera Couldn‘t Be Simpler
With magnets attached to the camera body and viewer, it is effortless to assemble, friendly to people of all ages. The touch screen and simplistic UI design made interactions even easier.

Compatible, Wearable, Always Match Your Outfits
Camera weight: 160 grams. 94*52*22(with lens 26.8) Viewer : 97.2*52.8*47.6
Come with lanyard, wrist strap, backpack clip, shoulder strap clip …… EGO totally frees your hands and throw yourself into the real-life.

Included in delivery:
• 1 QooCam Ego 3D Camera White
• 1 QooCam Ego 3D Viewer
• 1 USB Cable
• 1 Battery
• 1 Hand Strap
• 1 Lens Cloth
• 1 Storage Bag

Qoocam EGO Firmware "CAMERA V2.6.46" 2022-11-07
1. Support automatic vertical parallax correction.
2. Added video offline correction option on the album page.
3. Added in-camera offline anti-shake option to the album page.
4. Added in-cam hotspot mode, which can be connected to the APP by scanning the code using the APP or connecting to the in-cam hotspot.
5. Added webcam (UVC) mode.
6. Optimize the display ratio of some materials.
7. Stability optimization.
Note: Please ensure that the version before the upgrade is V2.5.8 or later.


PPD(Pixels Per Degree)
Video Resolution (Single Lens)
1920*1080@60 fps 1920*1080@30 fps
Video Resolution (3D)
Side-by-Side:3840*1080@60fps 3840*1080@30fps
Image Resolution (Single)
Image Resolution (Dual)
Video Format
Image Format
Audio Format
AAC (16bit/ dual track/48KHz)
Video Coding
6-Axis gyroscope, support IMU anti - shake
Touch Screen
2.54 inch

Capturing Photos and Video

Exposure compensation
-2EV to +2EV
Exposure Mode
Automatic Exposure
White Balance
Camera:White Viewer:Red
Camera:160g Viewer:89.2g
Camera:94*52.8*22 Viewer:97.2*52.8*47.6

Storage & Connectivity

WiFi 5
Memory Card
Micro SD card,up to 256GB
Two-channel Stereo
Capacity 1340mAh user replaceable battery
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