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Quasar Science Q-Lion Q5 7" LED Light

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36,95 cm / 3000K/ 4300K /5600K / 5 W / 4h runtime @ 100%

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Quasar Science Q-Lion Q5 Switch Linear LED Light - 7", Universal (922-2001)

The Q-Lion linear battery light is short for “Quasar Lithium-ion” and is a compact turnkey lighting solution, serving as a toolbelt staple for set lighting technicians, camera teams, art departments, and YouTubers alike. Great for lighting actors and craft service.

For truly impressive white light at the touch of a button, simply press and hold the power button to cycle through three fantastic color spectrums: 3000K for a perfect tungsten spectrum, 4300K for a clean white balance, and 5600K for crisp daylight.

High Output with Step Intensity
Its simplicity provides blindingly bright and stable output with five levels of intensity at 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and 10% output.

Flicker Free
Flicker free camera lighting guaranteed below 1/500 seconds at all color and dim settings, and 1/2000th seconds at max output for either 3000K or 5600K.

Lithium Ion Battery
Q-Lion stands for Quasar Lithium-ion. Its internal lithium ion battery provides a 4-hour runtime at 100% intensity and up to 40 hours of runtime at 10%. If you worry about your lights dying mid-shot, Q-Lions can operate while charging.

For long term storage, a hidden kill switch completely shuts off the light to prevent passive shelf power drain.

Integrated Mounting
The Q-Lion sports strong magnetic feet and a M10 thread mounting thread for truly flexible mounting options.

Delivery Content
• 7" Q-Lion Light
• QC3.0 Charger
• USB Charger Cable
• Quick Start Guide


Photometrics 3000K
14.1 fc / 152 Lux at 2.99' / 0.91 m
3.4 fc / 37 Lux at 6' / 1.83 m
1.3 fc / 14 Lux at 10.01' / 3.05 m
Photometrics 5600K
15 fc / 161.4 Lux at 2.99' / 0.91 m
3.7 fc / 39.8 Lux at 6' / 1.83 m
1.4 fc / 15.1 Lux at 10.01' / 3.05 m
Color Temperature
3000K/ 4300K /5600K
Color Accuracy
CRI 95
Cooling System
Yes, 10 to 100% (Stepped)
Expected Lamp Life
25000 Hours
Power Input Connector
Fixture Mount
3/8""-16 Female
DC Input Power
12 VDC
Power Source
Integrated Battery
Max Power Consumption
5 W
453,5 g
Dimensions (mm)
361,95 x 82,55 x 88,9
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